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Our Mission

Welcome to the Alviss community!

We seek to democratize scientific publication.

Alviss is a scientific watch assistant and partner for curious minds who wish to keep up to date!

The App displays recently published scientific publications in an easily customizable fashion.

Why creating Alviss?

The constant flow of newly published content has become too important for the scientific community to keep up.

However, scientific communication is one of the pillars of innovation.

Alviss aims at enhancing readers by allowing them to easily select exactly what they are interested in.

How does Alviss work?

Alviss uses state-of-the-art technology including natural language processing and recommendation systems using machine learning (artificial intelligence), to analyze the constant flow of published information and displays it users in a personalized fashion.

Our algorithms work similarly to peer reviewing and editorial processes where the quality of publications is based on the opinions of a few experts.

Alviss considers that the opinion of many is even more important!

The information displayed contains references, links, and much more!

Alviss also has a customizable and flexible newsletter.

Wrap up

Using the platform is free and open to anyone! To enjoy personalized content please consider signing in.

Thank you again for joining!

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