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Umberto Romeo, Gaspare Palaia, Gianluca Tenore, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Samir Nammour

Mar 1, 2013
Indian journal of dental research
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Mucocele is a common benign neoplasm of oral soft tissues and the most common after fibroma. It generally occurs in the lower lip and its treatment includes excision of cyst and the responsible salivary gland, in order to prevent recurrences. To evaluate the capability of three different lasers in performing the excision of labial mucocele with two different techniques. In the presented cases, excision was performed using two different techniques (circumferential incision technique and mucosal preservation technique) and three different laser wavelengths (Er,Cr: YSGG 2780 nm, diode 808 nm, and KTP 532 nm). All the tested lasers, regardless of wavelength, showed many advantages (bloodless surgical field, no postoperative pain, relative speed, and easy execution). The most useful surgical technique depends on clinical features of the lesion. Tested lasers, with both techniques, are helpful in the management of labial mucocele.

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