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Jun 16, 2022
The European Journal of Health Economics

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Background transcatheter aortic valve implantation ( TAVI ) is a less invasive and costly treatment for patients with severe aorta stenosis. This study aimed to systematically review the published literature focusing on economic evaluation of TAVI compared with other alternative treatments in AS populations.
Method a systematic review was conducted from inception until may 2021 using PUBMED, Scopus, web of science and EMBASE databases.
Result data of costs, outcomes, incremental cost effectiveness ratio and willingness to pay were extracted. The overall quality of the studies ranged from moderate to high. Tavi was ASsociated with a significant gain in quality adjusted life years in almost all studies compared to either SAVR or MM.
Conclusions TAVI is a costly procedure ; therefore, justifying its cost effectiveness depends on the acceptable threshold in each country.

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