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Yu Yu

Jun 14, 2022
Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience

The Internet of Things technology transmits and shares physical information on the Internet, and describes the continuous world through scattered data. From the perspective of internal characteristics, the efficient interconnection of large scale heterogeneous network elements is composed of the Internet of Things and imported from abroad, so there has been a high degree of accumulation in foreign countries so far. In 1980, the United States proposed a virtual reality concept called VR for short. Embedded virtual VR technology usually uses equipment to close the user’s senses and temporarily isolate the user from the actual environment. This article also discusses the design of industrial products, the continuous development of big data, artificial intelligence, and additive material manufacturing technology to make the design methods and manufacturing processes of industrial products more scientific and systematic, and promote the diversity and precision of industrial product design. Social informatization plays an important role in all areas of digital technology design. Parametric design has changed the design thinking mode of designers and formed new design trends and styles. Taking the search for relationships and rules as the starting point of the design and the algorithm as the core content of the design are very different from traditional design ideas. The computer age has not only cultivated new styles but also cultivated new artistic design techniques for industrial products. Designers should strive to explore the potential functions of algorithm technology and focus on smarter and more logical design and production processes. In this paper, through the research of the Internet of Things technology and virtual VR, it is applied to the research of the artistic design method of industrial products, aiming to promote its better development.

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