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Sarmad Aburas, Florian Pfaffeneder-Mantai, Alina Hofmann, Oliver Meller, Benedikt Schneider, Dritan Turhani

Jun 14, 2022
Special care in dentistry

Dentophobia is a well-know kind of phobia and psychological problem in dentistry. Although patients might suffer from severe oral pain and have serious health complications, dentophobia is still posing a threat to oral healthcare and remains an unresolved worldwide phenomenon. According to estimates, up to 80% of the general population are affected by this condition. Dentophobia is an unpleasant problem with serious consequences not only for patients but also for dentists and the public health system in general. This umbrella review provides a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of dentophoia as addressed in the published literature, and the current level of knowledge concerning their treatment. Based on 35 reviews of the published literature, addressing various aspects of dentophobia and published between 2008 and 2021, this umbrella review was written. The search was based on the PubMed and PsycINFO databases. The extraction was structured by open coding and each aspect of the subject analyzed according to Ritchie and Lewis. We conclude that the evidence concerning the efficacy of the various interventions is still rather weak and there is an obvious need for further research, because of the yet and unresolved challenges and the lack of standardised guidelines to deal with patients with dentophobia.

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