Jan 5, 2022
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology

The motion stability and mass of the magnetic crawler wall climbing robot usually affects the working performance of robot. In this study, the structure of the magnetic adsorption unit (MAU) is optimized based on the virtual prototyping technology to improve the working performance of robot. Firstly, the dynamic simulation model of the robot considering magnetic variation is established, and the model is verified by experiments. Based on the model, the objective function of the optimization model is established by DOE and surrogate model method. Then, through the force analysis of the robot, the minimum adsorption force required by each MAU is obtained, which is used as the constraint condition of the optimization model. Finally, the NSGA II is used to solve the optimization model, and the results show that the vibration amplitude is reduced by 6.49 %, and the mass of the MAU is reduced by 9.66 %.

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