Baiyang Jiang, Mingji Dai

Nov 23, 2021
Journal of the American Chemical Society

We report the convergent total synthesis of (±)-hamigeran M, enabled by five C-H functionalization reactions and proceeding in 11 steps in 3.9% overall yield. The C-H functionalizations include a hydroxy-directed C-H borylation, one C-H metalation-1,2-addition, one C-H metalation-Negishi coupling, a late-stage oxazole-directed C-H borylation-oxidation, and one electrophilic bromination. Two of these five C-H functionalizations forged strategic C-C bonds in the seven-membered ring of hamigeran M. The oxazole-directed C-H borylation-oxidation was unprecedented and ensured a late-stage hydroxylation. Other key steps include a tandem Suzuki reaction-lactonization to join the cyclopentane building block with the aromatic moiety and a hydrogen-atom transfer reaction to reduce a challenging tetrasubstituted double bond.

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