Nov 22, 2021
Research square preprints

As a crucial technology of solving energy shortage and environment contamination, battery technology is increasingly paid attention to by people. Among various batteries, lithium battery and Zinc nickel battery are the most competitive and promising ones, especially the Zinc nickel battery, which will induce shock to current battery industry chain. Meanwhile, the drastic change of exterior environment, such as 5G, Sharing Economy, low carbon policy, trade protectionism and covid 19 has brought huge challenge to the management of battery industry chain. In this context, this paper set up a battery supply chain, including two zinc nickel battery manufacturers and a lithium battery manufacturer. Against the background of cooperative promotion of big data and low carbon policy, this paper constructs a cooperative game model under non cooperative game and demand disturbance respectively, analysing and discussing equilibrium strategy of supply chain. The results show that the price set by the manufacturer increases with the improvement of its technical level when consumers are more sensitive to technical level; with the increase of the Carbon Emission Technology Renewal Coefficient, the optimal price of all the three manufacturers will drop; when the market promotion rate is in the middle range, the price of zinc nickel battery will be higher than that of lithium battery. In the demand disturbance model, the supply chain determines different optimal prices according to the different ranges of demand disturbance.

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