Nov 22, 2021
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Background : Due to their lack of basic medical knowledge and learning strategies different from that of high school, it is more difficult for students of 8 year medical programme to adapt to study in the initial stage of basic medicine. This study was to determine whether a prerequisite course can provide an opportunity to adjust learning strategies and improve basic medicine learning performance in order to adapt to study in medical college earlier for achieving the goals of 8 year programme.
Method : A prerequisite course of histology was conducted by a two round modified Delphi study. 74 students of 8 year medical programmeme were subjected randomized to two groups: the prerequisite course group (PC group) and non prerequisite course group (NPC group). The PC group take part in the prerequisite course by student centred blended learning approach. The NPC group, taught by the same teachers, underwent requisite histology teaching activities directly with no prerequisite course. Examination of the prerequisite course and requisite histology course were carried out. Effect of the prerequisite course was evaluated by an empirical method using a questionnaire based approach.
Result : No significant difference was found in baseline admission characteristics between the two groups (P>0.05). Students" scores of the PC group were significantly higher than those of students of NPC group in both prerequisite course and requisite histology examinations (P < 0.05). The results of questionnaires showed that the PC students reported positive effects of the blended learning (P<0.05). Students were satisfied with the prerequisite course, which was beneficial for the adaptation in learning strategies, the uptake in medical knowledge and cultivation of scientific research ability (P<0.01). Furthermore, our prerequisite course is conducive to the study of subsequent courses, especially for pathology.
Conclusion : Our prerequisite course for students of the long term medical education model could effectively adapt their learning strategies, enhance their knowledge of basic medicine, and improve their scientific research capacity. These findings suggest that the prerequisite course is useful and should be incorporated into the initial stage of basic medicine in future medicine curriculum reform for Chinese students.

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