Nov 19, 2021
Research square preprints

Globally, business and operational capabilities of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been enormously affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, forcing many to use technology and innovation rather than the more traditional methods of operations. Although we do not yet know to the extent to which Omans SMEs have adopted these technological transformations, we investigate this, and assess the impact of it, in this study. We empirically examine how Covid 19 accelerated technology use in the SMEs in Oman and test nine hypotheses applying paired t test and Pearson correlation. The results show strong correlations between technology use before and during Covid 19 (r = .823, p < 0.01); technology use during Covid 19 and in future (r = .659, p < 0.01); and technology use before Covid 19 and in future (r = .612, p < 0.01). We conclude that this use of technology has been a survival strategy during the pandemic and that highly digitized SMEs are more likely to adopt Industry 4.0 technology.

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