Wee Sim Choo

Nov 17, 2021
Journal of Food Science Education

A broad range of approaches to learning such as traditional lectures, laboratory learning, online learning, and active learning are used in higher education settings. Specifically, in the field of science and technology, laboratory learning is crucial and a form of active learning. The objective of this study was to examine the use of these four different learning approaches in a third‐year, undergraduate Food Science and Technology subject to facilitate learning, where previously only traditional lectures and laboratory learning had been used. Two new learning approaches, online learning and active learning in class, were incorporated, replacing two‐thirds of the traditional lectures. Student perspectives and preference to these four learning approaches were recorded using an online survey. Hands‐on laboratory classes were selected by the majority of students as the most effective way they learned, and also their most preferred learning approach. Majority of the students also found that the use of an educational technology, a polling tool contributed to their active learning in class. Finally, the intended learning outcome of an activity should be carefully considered when applying a learning approach to facilitate learning.

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