Jiapeng Guo

Nov 16, 2021
Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience

With the rapid development of economy and society and the continuous optimization of industrial structure, the demand for high skilled talents is increasing. Education plays an irreplaceable role in China’s economic growth. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the impact of talent supply of vocational education on economic growth from the perspective of human capital and comprehensively consider the spatial interaction of economic growth. Taking intelligent image recognition technology as the main research technology, this paper discusses the contribution of educational human capital to regional green economic growth. This paper expounds the content of intelligent image recognition technology, constructs an image recognition system based on neural network, and studies the relationship between human resource utilization efficiency and regional economy under intelligent image recognition technology based on the empirical analysis of intelligent image recognition technology. Finally, it makes an empirical study on the spatial effect in the image recognition system and expounds the relationship between feature space and economic growth. It verifies the relationship between educational human capital and green economic growth. The results show that the intelligent image recognition technology has a good effect in the research of spatial effect.

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