Cleber Carvalho de Castro, Luiz Guilherme Rodrigues Antunes, Clarissa Dourado Freire

Nov 16, 2021
International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management

International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, Ahead of Print. This research aims to identify the critical factors that influence the formation and development of the interorganizational networks that have emerged within incubators of technology based firms in Brazil. For this purpose, semi structured interviews were conducted with startups form two networks of incubated companies (Education Network and Technology, Information and Knowledge Companies Network) and two incubators (Center of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology — CIETEC — and Incubator of Technology Based Companies of Itajubá — INCIT). As a result, this study found eight critical factors: Actions by entrepreneurs, leadership, shared spaces, facilitation, network management, financial and brokerage, which can be framed in four characteristics: heterogeneity of the firms, lack of cooperation, interactions and the actions of the incubator. As a contribution, this research allows reflection on the effectiveness of the incubator, in addition to highlighting the complementarity of networks in the incubation processes. The study analyses different models of incubated firm networks that have been little explored as an object of study in the incubation literature and networks and what is the role of the incubator in each of these models.

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