Nov 15, 2021
Research square preprints

High precision pointing plays a critical role in optical equipment and laser communication systems. In order to reach the level of sub mrad for pointing accuracy, a two stage pointing technology is currently widely used. However, this results in significant technical complexity. Therefore, the realization of a high precision pointing technology under single stage control is highly challenging. In this study, we find that erase the floating errors of the middle link of the mechanism can effectively improve the pointing accuracy. Based on this assumption, we propose the concept of a single stage high precision pointing technology and also establish its mathematical model of drive and an error elimination algorithm. Using modern computer technology, we study the working principle of this single stage high precision pointing technology in detail. We also build a prototype and test its performance. The test results show that the uniaxial error of the prototype is no greater than 0.004°, while its spatial synthetic error is no greater than 0.006° and the stability time is less than 100 ms. The test results show that this concept is completely feasible. It is also found that the accuracy of the pointing system can further be improved when the vibration is suppressed, which also represents an important concept for further research. We anticipate that an ultra high precision pointing system with single stage control will be established in the near future.

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