Haoyi Chen, Zhiheng Cheng, Dezhong Kong

Oct 4, 2021
Science Progress

Science Progress, Volume 104, Issue 4, October 2021. Aiming at the low mining rate in mines, Xingelao, Dabianyao, and Dongliang Coal Mines in Shenmu Mining Area, Shaanxi Province, China were taken as research objects. Based on this, this study constructed an evaluation index system for the mining capacity of the mines from the perspectives of geological factors, mechanical equipment, humans, and mining design. Moreover, the factors influencing the mining capacity of the mines were evaluated using a combination weighting approach based on an improved analytic hierarchy process and an entropy weight method. A standard cloud was generated based on the mapping standards of each index and a comprehensive cloud was obtained according to comprehensive weight and a backward cloud algorithm. Finally, by combining the comprehensive cloud with local and overall scores of the mines, the mining capacities of the mines were evaluated. The research results demonstrate that the key factor restricting the mining capacity of the mines is the geological environment and five major third grade indexes affecting mining capacity are igneous rock intrusion, collapse column, scouring zone of the ancient river bed, mechanization level and coal pillar width. In addition, the corresponding suggestions and measures were put forward according to the main factors influencing the mining rate of the mines. In accordance with the weights and scores of each index, the overall scores of the mines were calculated. Dongliang, Dabianyao, and Xingelao Coal Mines were ranked in order based on scores. The research results provide a theoretical basis for improving the mining capacity of the mines under similar geological conditions.

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