Hua Liu, Zhengwei Cai, Fei Wang, Liwen Hong, Lianfu Deng, Jie Zhong, Zhengting Wang, Wenguo Cui

Sep 22, 2021
Advanced Science

Colon-Targeted Drug Delivery In article number 2101619 by Jie Zhong, Zhengting Wang, Wenguo Cui, and co-workers, a targeted blasting and adhesive hydrogel microsphere with core-shell structure is designed for oral administrated inflammatory bowel disease treatment, with a calcium alginate hydrogel shell that targets the colon to “blast” and release the core, and an HA-SH-Ag hydrogel core that congregates on the inflamed colon mucosa regulating macrophage differentiation and optimizing the composition of gut flora.

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