Victoria Opara, Sabrina Spangsdorf, Michelle K Ryan

Sep 20, 2021
Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research, Ahead of Print. Google Docs is a widely used online word processing software. Despite its broad popularity in business and education, Google Docs is under utilised as a tool to facilitate qualitative interviews within research. In this article, we reflect on our experiences as two PhDs using Google Docs to conduct synchronous, online, written interviews. We present two case studies, which, to our knowledge, are the first to utilise Google Docs to conduct web based written interviews. In doing so, we (a) outline the development and implementation of the methodology, (b) highlight the key themes we identified when considering the benefits and challenges of conducting interviews using this technology and (c) discuss possible future uses of the methodology. We argue that synchronous web based written interviews via Google Docs offer unprecedented opportunities for qualitative research.

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