Sep 20, 2021
Journal of Marine Science and Technology

This study presents a new mathematical hull form that is expressed as an explicit function with 10 hull form parameters, which is called the Matsui hull form in this study. The proposed hull form was developed by expanding the modified Wigley hull form so that the following 10 hull form parameters can be independently varied: main dimensions (L) , (B) , (d) , fineness coefficients ({C}_{b}) , ({C}_{\mathrm{m}}) , ({C}_{\mathrm{w}}) , second moment of waterplane area coefficient ({C}_{\mathrm{w}2}) , longitudinal center of buoyancy LCB and floatation LCF, and a parameter (\beta) related to anterior–posterior asymmetry. The main purpose of this hull form is that it is utilized for the following two objects: the first is the simple evaluation of the seakeeping performance and wave loads in the early ship designing stage without any detailed offset data, and the second is a systematical study on the influence of a ship’s dimensions on the ship response in waves. This paper presents the derivation of the Matsui hull form and the applicability of the proposed hull from was confirmed by comparing the ship response in waves with the actual ships. Moreover, a sensitivity analysis of the ship response in waves was conducted as an example of the application of the proposed hull form.

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