Nicolás Mirkin, Diego A. Wisniacki, Paula I Villar and Fernando C Lombardo

Sep 6, 2021
Quantum Science and Technology
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Quantum chaos is usually characterized through its statistical implications on the energy spectrum of a given system. In this work we propose a decoherent mechanism for sensing quantum chaos. The chaotic nature of a many body quantum system is sensed by studying the implications that it produces in the long time dynamics of a probe coupled to it under a dephasing interaction. By introducing the notion of an effective averaged decoherence factor, we show that the correction to the geometric phase acquired by the probe with respect to its unitary evolution can be exploited as a robust tool for sensing the integrable to chaos transition of the many body quantum system to which it is coupled. This sensing mechanism is verified for several systems with different types of symmetries, disorder and even in the presence of long range interactions, evidencing its universality.
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