I Brandão, D Tandeitnik and Guerreiro T

Sep 9, 2021
Quantum Science and Technology
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We explore entanglement generation between multiple optically levitated nanospheres interacting with a common optical cavity via the coherent scattering optomechanical interaction. We derive the many particle Hamiltonian governing the unitary evolution of the system and show that it gives rise to quantum correlations among the various partitions of the setup, following a non Markovian dynamics of entanglement birth, death and revivals. We also consider the effects of coupling the system to external environments and show that under reasonable experimental conditions entanglement between the mechanical modes can survive even at room temperature. Its dependence upon the number of nanoparticles, their initial temperature and coupling strength is studied. A numerical toolbox to simulate the closed and open dynamics of Gaussian optomechanical states and their informational measures is developed.
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