Gong Huiming, Wang Yuming, Yang Mingliang, Liu Changbin, Huang Qiuchen, Li Jianjun

Sep 8, 2021
Science Progress

Science Progress, Volume 104, Issue 3, July September 2021. To investigate the characteristics of pressure ulcer microcirculation in SCI patients with pressure ulcer, and to provide evidence for the treatment of pressure ulcer in patients with SCI. Group 1 (n = 12) SCI patients with pressure ulcer, 23 pressure ulcers were included. Group 2 (n = 15) SCI patients without pressure ulcer and the control group (n = 16) healthy adults. The application of laser Doppler perfusion imaging system (Moor FLPI) detector to the microcirculation perfusion of the sacrum area of the control group, the observation group 2 and the pressure ulcer site of the observation group 1, record the microcirculation perfusion (PU), The data of microcirculation perfusion (PU) were compared and analyzed. The correlation between microcirculation perfusion and healing time of pressure ulcer was analyzed. (1) The microcirculation perfusion was highest in the pressure ulcer center. (2) SCI patients and healthy adults had no significant difference of microcirculation perfusion at sacrococcygeal skin. (3) The lower the microcirculation perfusion of the pressure ulcer center, the longer the healing time of pressure ulcer. The healing time and the microcirculation perfusion of pressure ulcer center was negatively correlated. Microcirculation perfusion detection is a noninvasive and effective method for the determination of the scope of pressure ulcer, detection and direction judgment of pressure ulcer sinus tract, monitoring and guidance of pressure ulcer treatment, and prediction of the healing time of pressure ulcer.
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