Seungmin Yang, Akira Miyachi, Taisuke Matsuno, Hitomi Muto, Hiroaki Sasakawa, Koki Ikemoto, Hiroyuki Isobe

Sep 7, 2021
Journal of the American Chemical Society
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A method for the synthesis of metal-doped aromatic macrocycles has been developed. The method, id est, metal-templated oligomeric macrocyclization via coupling, adopts Ni as the template and assembles five pyridine units via a Ni-mediated coupling reaction to form aryl-aryl linkages. A pentameric oligopyridyl macrocycle was selectively obtained in good yield, and the reaction was also applicable to a gram-scale synthesis. The pentameric oligopyridyl macrocycle captured d8-Ni(II) at the center to form a paramagnetic pentagonal-bipyramidal complex. The method was applied to the synthesis of a large π-molecule to afford a nanometer-sized, bowl-shaped molecule having a unique combination of 120π and 8d electrons.
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