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Dinesh Mani Tripathi, Sumati Rohilla, Impreet Kaur, Hamda Siddiqui, Preety Rawal, Pinky Juneja, Vikash Kumar, Anupama Kumari, VGM Naidu, Seeram Ramakrishna, Subham Banerjee, Rekha Puria, Shiv K. Sarin, Savneet Kaur

Aug 6, 2021
International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Article Institutional access

Background : Runt related transcription factor (RUNX1) regulates inflammation in non alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).
Method : We performed in vivo targeted silencing of the RUNX1 gene in liver sinusoidal endothelial cells (LSECs) by using vegfr3 antibody tagged immunonano lipocarriers encapsulated RUNX1 siRNA (RUNX1 siRNA) in murine models of methionine choline deficient (MCD) diet induced NASH. MCD mice given nanolipocarriers encapsulated negative siRNA were vehicle, and mice with standard diet were controls.
Result : Liver RUNX1 expression was increased in the LSECs of MCD mice in comparison to controls. RUNX1 protein expression was decreased by 40% in CD31 positive LSECs of RUNX1 siRNA mice in comparison to vehicle, resulting in the downregulation of adhesion molecules, ICAM1 expression, and VCAM1 expression in LSECs. There was a marked decrease in infiltrated T cells and myeloid cells along with reduced inflammatory cytokines in the liver of RUNX1 siRNA mice as compared to that observed in the vehicle.
Conclusions : In vivo LSEC specific silencing of RUNX1 using immunonano lipocarriers encapsulated siRNA effectively reduces its expression of adhesion molecules, infiltrate on of immune cells in liver, and inflammation in NASH.

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