Suqi Zhang, Hsiung-Cheng Lin, Xinxin Wang

Jul 20, 2021
Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience
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E commerce has become a crucial business model through the Internet around the world. Therefore, its transaction trend forecast can provide important information for the market planning and development in advance. For this purpose, the integrated model of enhanced whale optimization algorithm (EWOA) with support vector machine (SVM) is proposed for forecast of E commerce transaction trend in this study. First, the global optimization ability of the whale optimization algorithm (WOA) is enhanced by the search updating strategy. Second, multiple factors that may affect the E commerce transaction trend are analyzed and determined using the gray correlation mechanism. Third, the EWOA algorithm is employed to optimize the SVM random parameters. Finally, the EWOA SVM model is established for forecasting E commerce transaction trend. Two representative cases tests confirm that the EWOA SVM model is superior to other existing methods in terms of fast convergence speed and high prediction accuracy.
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