Xue-Song Zhang, Yue Sandra Yin, Jincheng Wang, Thomas Battaglia, Kimberly Krautkramer, Wei Vivian Li, Jackie Li, Mark Brown, Meifan Zhang, Michelle H. Badri, Abigail J.S. Armstrong, Christopher M. Strauch, Zeneng Wang, Ina Nemet, Nicole Altomare, Joseph C. Devlin, Linchen He, Jamie T. Morton, John Alex Chalk, Kelly Needles, Viviane Liao, Julia Mount, Huilin Li, Kelly V. Ruggles, Richard A. Bonneau, Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello, Fredrik Bäckhed, Stanley L. Hazen, Martin J. Blaser

Jul 20, 2021
Cell Host & Microbe
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Using a mouse model in which early life antibiotics enhance T1D, Zhang et al. show that subsequent maternal cecal microbiota transfer reduces illness. The restorative effects on the intestinal microbiome and metabolism, ileal wall gene expression and regulation, and innate and adaptive immune effectors suggest a gut microbiota regulated T1D protective mechanism.
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