Radosław P Nowak, Yuan Xiong, Nadia Kirmani, Joann Kalabathula, Katherine A Donovan, Nicholas A Eleuteri, J Christine Yuan, Eric S Fischer

Jul 19, 2021
Journal of medicinal chemistry
Chemical biology tools to modulate protein levels in cells are critical to decipher complex biology. Targeted protein degradation offers the potential for rapid and dose-dependent protein depletion through the use of protein fusion tags toward which protein degraders have been established. Here, we present a newly developed protein degradation tag BRD4BD1L94V along with the corresponding cereblon (CRBN)-based heterobifunctional degrader based on a "bump-and-hole" approach. The resulting compound XY-06-007 shows a half-degradation concentration (DC50, 6 h) of 10 nM against BRD4BD1L94V with no degradation of off-targets, as assessed by whole proteome mass spectrometry, and demonstrates suitable pharmacokinetics for in vivo studies. We demonstrate that BRD4BD1L94V can be combined with the dTAG approach to achieve simultaneous degrader-mediated depletion of their respective protein fusions. This orthogonal system complements currently available protein degradation tags and enables investigation into the consequences resulting from rapid degradation of previously undruggable disease codependencies.
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