Bethan L. Clifford, Leslie R. Sedgeman, Kevin J. Williams, Pauline Morand, Angela Cheng, Kelsey E. Jarrett, Alvin P. Chan, Madelaine C. Brearley-Sholto, Annika Wahlström, Julianne W. Ashby, William Barshop, James Wohlschlegel, Anna C. Calkin, Yingying Liu, Anders Thorell, Peter J. Meikle, Brian G. Drew, Julia J. Mack, Hanns-Ulrich Marschall, Elizabeth J. Tarling, Peter A. Edwards, Thomas Q. de Aguiar Vallim

Jul 15, 2021
Cell Metabolism
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The nuclear receptor FXR lowers hepatic triglycerides to protect against the onset of NAFLD. Clifford et al. demonstrate that activation of FXR decreases hepatic triglycerides through two distinct mechanisms. First, via bile acid dependent decreases in intestinal lipid absorption and second, through selective changes in lipogenesis.
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