Zhoujie Du, Huaikou Miao

Jul 15, 2021
Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience
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Edge services are transferred data processing, application running, and implementation of some functional services from cloud central server to network edge server to provide services. Combined edge service can effectively reduce task computation in the cloud, shorten transmission distance of processing data, quickly decompose task of service request, and select the optimal edge service combination to provide service for users. BAS is an efficient intelligent optimization algorithm, which can achieve efficient optimization and neither need to know the specific form of function nor need gradient information. This paper designs an edge service composition model based on edge computing and proposes a method about edge service composition by BAS optimization algorithm. Our proposed method has obvious advantages in service composition efficiency compared with service composition method based on PSO or WPA heuristic algorithm. Compared with cloud service composition method, our proposed method has advantages of shorter service response time, low cost, and high quality of user experience.
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