Bolla, T., Kanneganti, V., Aggarwal, T., Singh, S., Chaudhary, S., Pannu, A. K.

Jun 8, 2021
Postgraduate Medical Journal
A 16 year old boy was admitted with cough and difficulty breathing after aspiration of hydrocarbon 1 week before presentation. He accidentally ingested and aspirated about 15 mL of diesel on spitting out its jet over an open flame while performing a fire breathing act as a stunning stunt in a village fair. Immediately following the aspiration, he had three to four episodes of vomiting. Within a few hours, he started developing dry cough and difficulty breathing, which progressively worsened. He was previously healthy and did not smoke or illicit drugs. At admission, the pulse was 140 beats per minute, the blood pressure was 120/70 mm Hg, the respiratory rate was 36 breaths per minute and the oxygen saturation was 85% while breathing ambient air. A chest radiograph showed consolidation and alveolar opacities in the lower and middle fields of both lungs, predominantly in the right lower lung (figure 1). The patient was managed...
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