Pauline Ho, Kaiping Chen, Anqi Shao, Luye Bao, Angela Ai, Adati Tarfa, Dominique Brossard, Lori Brown, Markus Brauer

Jun 4, 2021
Journal of Mixed Methods Research
Journal of Mixed Method Research, Ahead of Print. In a rapidly changing public health crisis such as COVID 19, researchers need innovative approaches that can effectively link qualitative approaches and computational methods. In this article, computational and qualitative methods are used to analyze survey data collected in March 2020 (n = 2,270) to explore the content of persuasive messages and their relationship with self reported health behavior—that is, social distancing. Result suggest that persuasive messages, based on participants’ perspectives, vary by gender and race and are associated with self reported health behavior. This article illustrates how qualitative analysis and structural topic modeling can be used in synergy in a public health study to understand the public’s perception and behavior related to science issues. Implications for health communication and future research are discussed.
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