Forde, E., Butcher, A., Fraser, A., Phillips, S., Turner, M.

Jun 2, 2021
BMJ Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning
The COVID 19 pandemic has significantly impacted on doctors education and opportunities for professional development with almost all education now offered on virtual platforms. Houghton et al1 have outlined how this poses a particular challenge for teaching the practical aspects of medicine compared with theoretical, declarative knowledge. However, in their article they encourage medical educators to embrace these changes and make a virtue out of necessity. We share an example where being forced to move to a virtual platform improved doctors training in the practical management of medical emergencies in the community, and has led to a permanent change in how we will deliver this training in future years.General practitioners (GPs) have a responsibility to provide prompt and effective care when attending to life threatening emergencies in their surgeries. These are relatively uncommon and previous research has shown this is an area where some doctors lack confidence and competence.<cross ref...
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