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Ruslan R. Kashapov, Yuliya S. Razuvayeva, Albina Y. Ziganshina, Rezeda K. Mukhitova, Lucia Y. Zakharova

Sep 1, 2019
Colloids and Surfaces A
Article Institutional access

In this work, the aggregation behavior of calix[4]resorcinol derivative containing N-methyl- d -glucamine moieties on the upper rim and sulfonate groups on the lower rim in mixture with cationic surfactant, N-hexadecyl-N’-methyl viologen, was investigated by set of physical-chemical methods. It was found that the vesicular aggregates were formed in the mixed macrocycle–surfactant system based on host-guest interaction. The capability of these vesicles to encapsulation of both hydrophobic (Sudan I) and hydrophilic (Rhodamine B) compounds was investigated.

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