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Sang Min Park, Eunsu Jang, Joon Sung Park, Jin Hong Kim, Jun-Hyuk Choi, Byoung-Kuk Lee

Jan 1, 2020
Article Institutional access

In this study, wafer cleaning equipment was designed and fabricated using the induction heating (IH) method and a short-time superheated steam (SHS) generation process. To prevent problems arising from the presence of particulate matter in the fluid flow region, pure grade 2 titanium (Ti) R50400 was used in the wafer cleaning equipment for heating objects via induction. The Ti load was designed and manufactured with a specific shape, along with the resonant network, to efficiently generate high-temperature steam by increasing the residence time of the fluid in the heating object. The IH performance of various shapes of heating objects made of Ti was analyzed and the results were compared. In addition, the heat capacity required to generate SHS was mathematically calculated and analyzed. The SHS heating performance was verified by conducting experiments using the designed 2.2 kW wafer cleaning equipment. The performance of the proposed pure Ti-based SHS generation system was found to be satisfactory, and SHS with a temperature higher than 200 °C was generated within 10 s using this system.

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