Susumu Okamoto

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Eine einfache Synthese von [7]Circulen

Koji Yamamoto, Kazuo Kitaura et 5 al.

Jan 5, 1996 in Angewandte Chemie


The Texture of Yuba-film and its Forming Process from Soybean Proteins

Ken Watanabe, Susumu Okamoto

Jan 1, 1975
大豆グロブリンの湯葉状皮膜の組織と生成過程を走査型電子顕微鏡観察,呈色反応などで検討した。(1) 皮膜は水分含量が60~80%であるが,凍結乾燥によって上部に氷結晶の跡が認められない組織化の比較的進んだ層と,下部に組織化の低い層をもち,後者は肥厚しながら約40μまでは経時的に前者に移行する。ミロン試験とキサントプロテイン試験で皮膜表面は鮮明な呈色反応をし,裏面はほとんど反応しなかった。また大豆グロブリンのペーストを加熱して得られるゲルはミロン試験で微紅色にとどまり,湯葉状皮膜と加熱ゲルの組織の相異が示された。(2) 成膜初期に気液界面に形成される層をモデル固相,たとえばアセチルローズ,セロファン,ニトロセルローズ,フィブロインあるいは羽毛ケラチンなどのフィルムでおきかえても,この固液界面に皮膜を生成することができた。表面での水分蒸発速度が0.049mg/cmcm2・min以下のフィルム面で...


Antibacterial Action of Acid Preservatives and Acid Stress Response in Bacteria

Susumu Okamoto, Hiromi Kameya

Jan 1, 2018 in Journal of The Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology-nippon Shokuhin Kagaku Kogaku Kaishi
The control of microorganisms is one of the most important issues in food preservation. Water activity, temperature, pH and preservatives are all critical factors that affect microbial growth. The application of acid stress (low pH and weak acid preservatives) is widely used to inhibit bacterial growth, as it decreases the internal pH below the normal physiological range. In addition to low pH eff...


P238 Serum CRP level and loss of infliximab response in early phase can be markers for abdominal abscess for Crohn`s disease a report by multivariate study

Kazuaki Yoneno et 15 al.

Jan 1, 2012
and invasive endoscopic tests. However, there is emerging evidence that fecal calprotectin may serve as a biomarker for the evaluation of efficacy. We evaluated the correlation between the decrease in fecal calprotectin and disease activity measured by the Total Mayo score in this first in human (FIH) study in UC with PF. Method : In a double blind dose-escalating study 80 subjects (60 active and...


Hindered rotation in paracyclophanes with substituents on the aromatic rings.

Masao Nakazaki et 3 al.

Jan 1, 1969 in Tetrahedron Letters


A New Method for Estimation of the Degree of Denaturation of Soybean Protein Using Dinitro-phenylation Process

Susumu Okamoto

Jan 1, 1969
Dinitrophenylation of protein at room temperature was investigated to determine the extent of protein denaturation. DNP-protein derived from denatured protein had an absorption band of DNPNO at 1330-1335cm-1 on the infrared absorption curve besides the specific bands attributed to peptide-bands. The degree of dinitrophenylation expressed by the absorption ratio of DNP-NO to Amide-I was used as an ...

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