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An Appraisal to Address Health Consequences of Vitamin D Deficiency With Food Fortification and Supplements: Time to Act!

Jörg Reichrath, Stefan Pilz et 8 al.

Oct 1, 2022 in Anticancer research
A symposium entitled "Vitamin D in Prevention and Therapy" was held on May 4-5, 2022, in Homburg, Germany to discuss important new advances in the field, including identification of new vitamin D signaling pathways, of new biologic effects of vitamin D-compounds (e.g., on the microbiome), and convincing proof of the relevance of vitamin D deficiency for the risk and outcome of many chronic disease...


Upregulation of Irisin and Vitamin D-Binding Protein Concentrations by Increasing Maternal 25-Hydrovitamin D Concentrations in Combination with Specific Genotypes of Vitamin D-Binding Protein Polymorphisms.

Spyridon N Karras et 9 al.

Dec 26, 2021 in Nutrients
Dyshomeostasis of vitamin D-binding protein (VDBP) has been implicated in the pathogenesis of various pregnancy complications, including preeclampsia, preterm birth, gestational diabetes, and adverse metabolic profiles in the offspring. VDBP polymorphisms have been consistently reported to contribute to this intriguing interplay. Until recently, the effects of VDBP polymorphism heterogeneity on ma...


Mathematical Modeling of Free Thyroxine Concentrations During Methimazole Treatment for Graves' Disease: Development and Validation of a Computer-Aided Thyroid Treatment Method.

Verena Theiler-Schwetz et 5 al.

May 31, 2022 in Frontiers in endocrinology
Methimazole (MMI) is the first-line treatment for patients with Graves' disease (GD). While there are empirical recommendations for initial MMI doses, there is no clear guidance for subsequent MMI dose titrations. We aimed to (a) develop a mathematical model capturing the dynamics of free thyroxine (FT4) during MMI treatment (b), validate this model by use of numerical simulation in comparison wit...

Homoarginine and Clinical Outcomes in Renal Transplant Recipients: Results From the Assessment of Lescol in Renal Transplantation Study.

Christiane Drechsler et 11 al.

Jul 1, 2015 in Transplantation
Despite improvements in kidney transplantation, complications, including cardiovascular morbidity and graft loss, contribute to reduced graft and patient survival. The amino acid homoarginine exerts a variety of beneficial effects that may be relevant for cardiovascular and graft outcomes, which is investigated in the present study. Homoarginine was measured in 829 renal transplant recipients part...


Acute suppurative thyroiditis due to Streptococcus anginosus leading to sepsis and acute respiratory distress syndrome: a case report.

Christian Trummer, Stefan Pilz et 7 al.

Nov 24, 2021 in Archives of endocrinology and metabolism
Acute suppurative thyroiditis (AST) is a rare but potentially life-threatening thyroid disease with a high mortality if left untreated. Thus, differentiation from other thyroid disorders is highly important in clinical practice. A 22-year-old male patient was admitted to a tertiary care hospital with cervical pain, palpitations, thyrotoxicosis, and an inhomogeneously enlarged right thyroid lobe. I...

Characterizing neonatal vitamin D deficiency in the modern era: A maternal-neonatal birth cohort from Southern Europe.

Spyridon N Karras et 13 al.

Nov 26, 2019 in The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology
Absence of adequate maternal vitamin D supplementation and decreased maternal ultraviolet exposure during pregnancy are key determinants for the manifestation of neonatal hypovitaminosis D at birth. These parameters may vary, according to country-specific dietary patterns, health policies and sunshine exposure. We aimed to investigate differences in calcium metabolism and anthropometric profiles a...


Body mass index may predict the response to ipilimumab in metastatic melanoma: An observational multi-centre study.

Georg Richtig, Erika Richtig et 16 al.

Oct 1, 2018 in PloS one
Immunotherapy is a well-established treatment option in patients with metastatic melanoma. However, biomarkers that can be used to predict a response in these patients have not yet been found, putting patients at risk of severe side effects. In this retrospective analysis, we investigated the association between the body mass index and ipilimumab treatment response in patients with metastatic mela...


Nutrients, Vol. 14, Pages 3799: Maternal and Neonatal Vitamin D Binding Protein Polymorphisms and 25 Hydroxyvitamin D Cutoffs as Determinants of Neonatal Birth Anthropometry

Spyridon N. Karras et 7 al.

Sep 15, 2022 in Nutrients
Nutrients, Vol. 14, Pages 3799: Maternal and Neonatal Vitamin D Binding Protein Polymorphisms and 25 Hydroxyvitamin D Cutoffs as Determinants of Neonatal Birth Anthropometry Nutrients doi: 10.3390/nu14183799 Authors: Spyridon N. Karras Erdinç Dursun Merve Alaylıoğlu Duygu Gezen Ak Stefan Pilz Cedric Annweiler Fatme Al Anouti Background : Vitamin D binding protein (VDBP) is a vital regulator of op...

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