Rui Pedro Lopes

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Executable Graphics for PBNM

Rui Pedro Lopes, Vitor Roque et 4 al.

Jan 1, 2005
The specification of a policy is performed in a policy language, usually following a textual representation. However, humans process images faster than text and they are prepared to process information presented in two or more dimensions: sometimes it is easier to explain things using figures and their graphical relations than writing textual representations. This paper describes a visual language...

Healthcare, Vol. 10, Pages 2287: Semantic Data Visualisation for Biomedical Database Catalogues

Arnaldo Pereira et 4 al.

Nov 15, 2022 in Healthcare
Healthcare, Vol. 10, Pages 2287: Semantic Data Visualisation for Biomedical Database Catalogues Healthcare doi: 10.3390/healthcare10112287 Authors: Arnaldo Pereira João Rafael Almeida Rui Pedro Lopes José Luís Oliveira Biomedical databases often have restricted access policies and governance rules. Thus, an adequate description of their content is essential for researchers who wish to use them for...

Electronics, Vol. 11, Pages 580: Predictive Analysis of COVID 19 Symptoms in Social Networks through Machine Learning

Clístenes Fernandes da Silva et 3 al.

Feb 15, 2022 in Electronics
Social media is a great source of data for analyses, since they provide ways for people to share emotions, feelings, ideas, and even symptoms of diseases. By the end of 2019, a global pandemic alert was raised, relative to a virus that had a high contamination rate and could cause respiratory complications. To help identify those who may have the symptoms of this disease or to detect who is alread...

Student perception of quality in higher education institutions

Paula O. Fernandes et 3 al.

Jan 1, 2014
Higher education institutions have adopted education, research and cooperation as their main missions. Students, teachers and non-teaching staff articulate for lecturing, researching and developing projects and internships, according to the institution goals and strategy. Quality evaluation is of the utmost importance in the whole process, as it allows providing a competent and rigorous service as...


Gender differences in higher education degree choice

Cristina Mesquita, Rui Pedro Lopes

Jan 1, 2018

On the use of mobility in distributed network management

Rui Pedro Lopes, José Luís Oliveira

Jan 1, 2000 in Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
Information technology has been under unprecedented transformations and it is dramatically changing the way of work inside organizations. Information management systems must be adequate to cope with the profound effects of this evolution, whose expectations include the introduction into the networks of enormous quantities of different elements. The mobile agent paradigm seems to be, for many resea...

A Mobile Agent Manager

Rui Pedro Lopes, José Luís Oliveira

Jan 1, 2003
Friendliness on user interfaces has been mostly forgot in mobile agent research. In fact the multitude of problems that have to be solved have left this more “simple” piece of the package out of target. However, the success of technology comes also from this important layer in the product development.

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