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Aerospace, Vol. 9, Pages 526: Improved Delayed Detached Eddy Investigations on the Flow Control of the Leading Edge Flat Spoiler of the Cavity in the Low Aspect Ratio Aircraft

Pengcheng Cui, Bing Chen et 7 al.

Sep 19, 2022 in Aerospace
Aerospace, Vol. 9, Pages 526: Improved Delayed Detached Eddy Investigations on the Flow Control of the Leading Edge Flat Spoiler of the Cavity in the Low Aspect Ratio Aircraft Aerospace doi: 10.3390/aerospace9090526 Authors: Pengcheng Cui Guiyu Zhou Yaobing Zhang Hongyin Jia Xiaojun Wu Mingsheng Ma Huan Li Bing Chen The internal weapon bay is widely used in modern aircraft; however, because the un...


Novel immunosuppressive effect of FK506 by upregulation of PD‐L1 via FKBP51 in heart transplantation

Xuewei Luo, Tianshu Lan et 8 al.

Jul 8, 2022 in Scandinavian Journal of Immunology
The calcineurin inhibitor–FK506–is a first‐line immunosuppressant that regulates T‐cell secretion of IL‐2 and other cytokines. However, the mechanism of its protective effect on target cells and its role on tumor recurrence and interaction with anti‐tumor immune checkpoint inhibitors, such as PD‐L1 blocking, are still unclear. Here, in a murine heart transplantation model, we observed the upregul...

Research on the implementing conditions of inverse emulsion‐breath figure method

Jiajun Gao, Wei Sun et 8 al.

Mar 6, 2022 in Journal of Polymer Science
The relationships between three steps of the inverse emulsion‐breath figure (Ie‐BF) method, including emulsion preparation, film casting and hydrophilic component loading, are explored by adjusting the experimental factors of the three implementing processes. For emulsion preparation step, the influence of the ultrasonification, the concentration of emulsifier and the addition of polymer on the s...

Parallel hybrid mesh adaptation by refinement and coarsening

Jing Tang, Hang Si et 4 al.

Jan 1, 2020 in Graph. Model.
In this paper we propose a robust adaptation method for hybrid mesh including both refinement and coarsening. Elements of different types are refined through isotropic subdivision in a similar way. Their unrefined neighbours are converted to polyhedrons, which benefits to localize mesh refinement. Mesh elements are coarsened by reversing refinement based on a multi-levels data structure. Elements...

Post-evaluation Index System and Comprehensive Evaluation Method for Daily Power System Dispatching

Pengcheng Cui, Seema Singh et 6 al.

Jan 1, 2018
Since the operating characteristics of a modern power system is becoming increasingly complicated, it is imperative to assess the daily power system dispatching quality. First, based on the average effect, buckets effect and abnormalities effect, a post-evaluation index system for daily power system dispatching is presented from the perspectives of system security, economics, energy saving, enviro...

Study in the experimental manipulation of Janus particle synthesis via emulsion-based method

Zhenxin Chu, Wei Sun et 8 al.

Jan 1, 2020 in Colloids and Surfaces A
This study focused on the investigation in the influencing factors of the Granick’s method for Janus particle synthesis, in which selective modification of colloidosome made from a Pickering emulsion-based process was the essential strategy. Homogenizer with high shearing forces was introduced to make stable emulsion. With increased stirring speed of the homogenizer, the sizes of the colloidosome...

Economic operation of industrial microgrids with multiple kinds of flexible loads

Junyi Shi, Yusheng Xue et 4 al.

Jan 1, 2017 in 2017 IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies - Asia
Participation of flexible loads in microgrid operation provides an effective approach for enhancing the efficiency of intermittent renewable energy utilization. The advanced automatic control level in an industrial microgrid makes it a good choice for dispatching generation and flexible loads cooperatively. This paper presents an economic operation model for industrial microgrids with multiple kin...

Simultaneous Imaging Polarimeter Using an Azo-polymer Orientation Array

Peizheng Yan, Jiangang Gao et 4 al.

Jan 1, 2015
A simultaneous imaging polarimeter based on a wave-splitting method has been proposed using an orientation array from an ordinary azo-polymer film with photo-induced optical anisotropy. The polarization states and the formation of the polarimeter have been analysed theoretically using Jones matrix calculations. The experimental results have been achieved to verify the feasibility of the proposed m...

An Improved Tri-linear Interpolation Method for Hybrid Overset Grids and Its Application

Pengcheng Cui, Mingsheng Ma et 4 al.

Jan 1, 2018
Tri-linear interpolation method is the most popular approach in data transferring between overset grids due to its briefness and robustness, however it is not sufficient to guarantee the conservation of flow variable. An improved tri-linear interpolation method for overset mesh is presented. A cell-cut algorithm is applied to construct a local supermesh in the overlapping grid area, which could be...

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