Patrick P T Jeurissen

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Do independent treatment centers offer more value than general hospitals? The case of cataract care

Florien M. Kruse et 6 al.

Aug 20, 2019 in Health Services Research
Objective To identify differences between independent treatment centers (ITCs) and general hospitals (GHs) regarding costs, quality of care, and efficiency. Data Sources Anonymous claims data (2013‐2015) were used. We also obtained quality indicators from a semipublic platform. Study Design This study uses a comparative multilevel analysis, controlling for case mix, to evaluate the performanc...


Sex-Specific Patient Journeys in Early Parkinson`s Disease in the Netherlands

Floris Pieter Vlaanderen et 10 al.

Jul 30, 2019 in Frontiers in Neurology
Objective : To reconstruct a sex-specific patient journey for Dutch persons with Parkinson`s disease (PD) during the first 5 years after diagnosis. Method : We analyzed a national administrative medical claims database containing data of all patients newly diagnosed with PD between 2012 and 2016 in the Netherlands. We performed time-to-event analysis to identify the moments when patients received...

Care trajectories of chronically ill older adult patients discharged from hospital: a quantitative cross-sectional study using health insurance claims data

Yvonne de Man et 7 al.

Oct 15, 2019 in BMC Geriatrics
Background For older adults, a good transition from hospital to the primary or long-term care setting can decrease readmissions. This paper presents the 6-month post-discharge healthcare utilization of older adults and describes the numbers of readmissions and deaths for the most frequently occurring aftercare arrangements as a starting point in optimizing the post-discharge healthcare organizatio...


For-Profit Hospitals Have Thrived Because of Generous Public Reimbursement Schemes, Not Greater Efficiency: A Multi-Country Case Study

Patrick P. T. Jeurissen et 6 al.

Oct 27, 2020 in International Journal of Health Services
International Journal of Health Services, Ahead of Print. For-profit hospitals’ market share has increased in many nations over recent decades. Previous studies suggest that their growth is not attributable to superior performance on access, quality of care, or efficiency. We analyzed other factors that we hypothesized may contribute to the increasing role of for-profit hospitals. We studied the h...


Stewardship of primary care physicians to contain cost in health care: an international cross-sectional survey

Philip J Van der Wees et 4 al.

Jan 1, 2017 in Family Practice
Purpose Physician stewardship towards cost control is potentially important in enhancing the financial sustainability of health care systems. Objective Aim of this study was to identify the level of stewardship of cost containment of primary care physicians (PCPs) and to assess the associations between stewardship and characteristics of PCPs and health care systems. Method Secondary analysis o...


Systematic review of high-cost patients’ characteristics and healthcare utilisation

Joost Johan Godert Wammes et 5 al.

Sep 1, 2018 in BMJ Open
Objective To investigate the characteristics and healthcare utilisation of high-cost patients and to compare high-cost patients across payers and countries. Design Systematic review. Data sources PubMed and Embase databases were searched until 30 October 2017. Eligibility criteria and outcomes Our final search was built on three themes: ‘high-cost’, ‘patients’, and ‘cost’ and ‘cost analysis’. W...

Inventory and analysis of literature on the organisation of eight European academic medical centres-A scoping review.

Ester M M Cardinaal, Hubert Berden et 3 al.

Mar 10, 2023 in PloS one
Academic Medical Centres (AMCs) are important organisations for shaping healthcare. The purpose of this scoping review is to understand the scope and type of evidence related to the organisation of European AMCs. We selected the study population intending to obtain a demographic cross-section of European countries: Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the UK....

The Effect of Noninvasive Telemonitoring for Chronic Heart Failure on Health Care Utilization: Systematic Review.

Stefan L Auener et 6 al.

Sep 29, 2021 in Journal of medical Internet research
Chronic heart failure accounts for approximately 1%-2% of health care expenditures in most developed countries. These costs are primarily driven by hospitalizations and comorbidities. Telemonitoring has been proposed to reduce the number of hospitalizations and decrease the cost of treatment for patients with heart failure. However, the effects of telemonitoring on health care utilization remain u...