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Magnetofection approach for the transformation of okra using green iron nanoparticles.

Naila Farooq et 14 al.

Oct 4, 2022 in Scientific reports
Climate change, pesticide resistance, and the need for developing new plant varieties have galvanized biotechnologists to find new solutions in order to produce transgenic plants. Over the last decade scientists are working on green metallic nanoparticles to develop DNA delivery systems for plants. In the current study, green Iron nanoparticles were synthesized using leaf extract of Camellia sinen...

MTI, Vol. 6, Pages 85: Interactive Laboratories for Science Education: A Subjective Study and Systematic Literature Review

Numan Ali, Dawar Khan et 2 al.

Sep 21, 2022 in Multimodal Technologies and Interaction
MTI, Vol. 6, Pages 85: Interactive Laboratories for Science Education: A Subjective Study and Systematic Literature Review Multimodal Technologies and Interaction doi: 10.3390/mti6100085 Authors: Numan Ali Sehat Ullah Dawar Khan In science education laboratory experimentation has a vital role for students learning enhancement. Keeping in view the importance of modern day technologies in teaching l...

The Effect of Multimodal Virtual Chemistry Laboratory on Students` Learning Improvement

Numan Ali, Aftab Alam et 3 al.

Jan 1, 2014
This paper presents a novel Multimodal Virtual laboratory (MMVL) for the learning of chemistry experiments. MMVL is a Virtual Reality environment where the user can perform chemistry experiments like a real world chemistry lab. The user can easily interact with MMVL through 3D interaction interface. The audio and visual information about each chemical objects are provided to its users. The system ...

Review to Analyze and Compare Virtual Chemistry Laboratories for Their Use in Education

Numan Ali, Sehat Ullah

Jan 1, 2020 in Journal of Chemical Education
Different virtual chemistry laboratories (VCLs) have been developed with which students can perform and practice their practical and experimental work, thus increasing their learning before perform...

Fingertip Gestures Recognition Using Leap Motion and Camera for Interaction with Virtual Environment

Inam Ur Rehman, Sangeen Khan et 11 al.

Jan 1, 2020 in Electronics
The emergence in computing and the latest hardware technologies realized the use of natural interaction with computers. Gesture-based interaction is one of the prominent fields of natural interactions. The recognition and application of hand gestures in virtual environments (VEs) need extensive calculations due to the complexities involved, which directly affect the performance and realism of inte...

The Effect of Learning Based Adaptivity on Students’ Performance in 3D-Virtual Learning Environments

Aftab Alam, Numan Ali et 2 al.

Jan 1, 2018 in IEEE Access
Research demonstrates that individualized instruction is superior to the traditional one-size-fits-all teaching approach. The use of 3D virtual environments for educational purposes is becoming attractive because of their rich presentation, user friendly interaction techniques, and adaptive capabilities. However, defining the adaptive aspect of 3D virtual learning environments (3D-VLEs) is a chall...


The Effect of Procedural Guidance on Students’ Skill Enhancement in a Virtual Chemistry Laboratory

Sehat Ullah et 3 al.

Dec 13, 2016 in Journal of Chemical Education
Various cognitive aids (such as change of color, arrows, etc.) are provided in virtual environments to assist users in task realization. These aids increase users’ performance but lead to reduced learning because there is less cognitive load on the users. In this paper we present a new concept of procedural guidance in which textual information regarding the procedure of a task is provided to user...

Navigation Aids in Collaborative Virtual Environments: Comparison of 3DML, Audio, Textual, Arrows-Casting

Shah Khalid et 7 al.

Jan 1, 2019 in IEEE Access
For Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVEs), many interaction techniques are developed. Depending on the purpose of the collaborative work, techniques of interaction and manipulation change from one application to another. There is no general, good and efficient solution for all the collaborative systems. In addition, people in CVEs also use communication channels to share task goals, task decom...


A novel Fontan Y-graft for interrupted inferior vena cava and azygos continuation.

S Samaneh Lashkarinia et 12 al.

Feb 3, 2022 in Interactive cardiovascular and thoracic surgery
To evaluate the hemodynamicdynamic advantage of a new Fontan surgical template that is intended for complex single-ventricle patients with interrupted inferior vena cava-azygos and hemi-azygos continuation. The new technique has emerged from a comprehensive pre-surgical simulation campaign conducted to facilitate a balanced hepatic flow and somatic Fontan pathway growth after Kawashima procedure. ...

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