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Cell encapsulation in alginate-based microgels using droplet microfluidics a review on gelation methods and applications.

Mohammad Mohajeri et 4 al.

Feb 10, 2022 in Biomedical physics & engineering express
Cell encapsulation within the microspheres using a semi-permeable polymer allows the two-way transfer of molecules such as oxygen, nutrients, and growth factors. The main advantages of cell encapsulation technology include controlling the problems involved in transplanting rejection in tissue engineering applications and reducing the long-term need for immunosuppressive drugs following organ trans...

Functionalized polymers for diagnostic engineering

Motahare-Sadat Hosseini et 6 al.

Jan 1, 2019
Currently, there is a sustained growth in demand for new techniques recognizing biomedical entities with rapid and specific diagnostic capabilities. Particular attention is paid to functionalized polymers that develop stable and multifunctional systems of nanosized architecture. This chapter summarizes the role of this class of materials in the performance of three major diagnostic devices, biode...


Functional polymers: an introduction in the context of biomedical engineering

Motahare-Sadat Hosseini et 6 al.

Jan 1, 2019
The development of functional polymers has still been an area of immense interest and great importance in biomedical applications. As such, a broad range of approaches for polymerization as well as bioconjugation has been evolved in different contexts. The greatest influence coming out of such efforts is evident as new therapeutic/diagnostic (theranostic) capabilities. The aim of this chapter is ...


Bee Venom (Apis Mellifera) an Effective Potential Alternative to Gentamicin for Specific Bacteria Strains

Hossein Zolfagharian, Mahdi Babaie et 2 al.

Sep 30, 2016 in Journal of Pharmacopuncture

Cadmium-induced toxicity is rescued by curcumin: A review

Mohammad Mohajeri et 3 al.

Jul 18, 2017 in BioFactors
Cadmium (Cd) is one of the most common environmental and occupational heavy metals with extended distribution. Exposure to Cd may be associated with several deleterious consequences on the liver, bones, kidneys, lungs, testes, brain, immunological, and cardiovascular systems. Overproduction of reactive oxygen species (ROS) as the main mechanism behind its toxicity causes oxidative stress and subse...

Cytotoxic activity of greener synthesis of cerium oxide nanoparticles using Carrageenan towards a WEHI 164 cancer cell line

Esmail Nourmohammadi et 7 al.

Jul 1, 2018 in Ceramics International
Carrageenan hydrogel as a “greener” and a vegetable-based stabilizing agent has the potential for many biosyntheses of different nanoparticles by sol-gel method. Herein, we describe for the first time an economic and eco-friendly preparation of cerium oxide nanoparticles (CeO2-NPs) using carrageenan. When carrageenan hydrogel comes in contact with a cerium nitrate solution, cerium ions anchor the...

Mast cell tryptase – marker and maker of cardiovascular diseases

Mohammad Mohajeri et 6 al.

Mar 1, 2019 in Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Mast cells are tissue-resident cells, which have been proposed to participate in various inflammatory diseases, among them the cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). For mast cells to be able to contribute to an inflammatory process, they need to be activated to exocytose their cytoplasmic secretory granules. The granules contain a vast array of highly bioactive effector molecules, the neutral protease t...

Berberine: A potential adjunct for the treatment of gastrointestinal cancers?

AmirReza Hesari et 7 al.

Aug 20, 2018 in Journal of Cellular Biochemistry
Gastrointestinal cancers are among the most prevalent cancers in the general population. Despite effective early diagnostics and intervention, the gastrointestinal cancer‐related mortality still remains elevated. Berberine (BBR) is a benzyl tetra isoquinoline alkaloid exracted from several plants. BBR is nontoxic to human normal cells, but suppresses the growth of different tumor cells: melanoma, ...

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