Jie Wang

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Continuous mixtures with bathtub-shaped failure rates

Henry W. Block, Jie Wang et 3 al.

Mar 1, 2008 in Journal of Applied Probability

Chiral Kondo Lattice in Doped MoTe$ 2$/WSe$ 2$ Bilayers

Daniele Guerci, Andrew Millis et 5 al.

Jul 13, 2022 in Arxiv
We theoretically study the interplay between magnetism and a heavy Fermi liquid in the AB stacked transition metal dichalcogenide bilayer system MoTe$_2$/WSe$_2$ in the regime in which the Mo layer supports localized magnetic moments coupled by interlayer electron tunnelling to a weakly correlated band of itinerant electrons in the W layer. We show that the interlayer electron transfer leads to a ...

About One-point Statistics of the Ratio of Two Fourier-transformed Cosmic Fields and an Application

Ming Li, Haihui Wang et 9 al.

Sep 30, 2021 in Arxiv
The Fourier transformation is an effective and efficient operation of Gaussianization at the one-point level. Using a set of N-body simulation data, we verified that the one-point distribution functions of the dark matter momentum divergence and density fields closely follow complex Gaussian distributions. The one-point distribution function of the quotient of two complex Gaussian variables is int...

Learning Task-relevant Representations for Generalization via Characteristic Functions of Reward Sequence Distributions

Rui Yang, Feng Wu et 6 al.

May 20, 2022 in Arxiv
Generalization across different environments with the same tasks is critical for successful applications of visual reinforcement learning (RL) in real scenarios. However, visual distractions -- which are common in real scenes -- from high-dimensional observations can be hurtful to the learned representations in visual RL, thus degrading the performance of generalization. To tackle this problem, we...

Dynamical Mean Field Theory of Moiré Bilayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides: Phase Diagram, Resistivity, and Quantum Criticality

Jiawei Zang et 5 al.

Dec 6, 2021 in Arxiv
We present a comprehensive dynamical mean field study of the triangular lattice moir\'e Hubbard model, which is believed to represent the physics of moir\'e bilayer transition metal dichalcogenides. In these materials, important aspects of the band structure including the bandwidth and the order and location of van Hove singularities can be tuned by varying the interlayer potential. We present a m...


Cross scale investigation of the size effect on thermal conductivity of monolayer graphene

Jie Wang, Lina Yang et 4 al.

Jul 26, 2022 in Applied Physics Letters
Applied Physics Letters, Volume 121, Issue 4, July 2022. It is known that the intrinsic thermal conductivity of a monolayer graphene highly depends on its in plane dimensions which are at nanoscale. However, it remains not very clear how the thermal conductivity is quantitatively affected as the considered in plane size undergoes a cross scale variation, especially when temperature influence is in...

Comparison of phycocyanin concentrations in Chaohu Lake, China, retrieved using MODIS and OLCI images

Jie Wang, Hua-yang Yi et 4 al.

Jul 26, 2022 in Frontiers in Environmental Science

Animals, Vol. 12, Pages 1898: Effect of Flaxseed Supplementation on Milk and Plasma Fatty Acid Composition and Plasma Parameters of Holstein Dairy Cows

Guoxin Huang, Jiaqi Wang et 9 al.

Jul 26, 2022 in Animals
Animals, Vol. 12, Pages 1898: Effect of Flaxseed Supplementation on Milk and Plasma Fatty Acid Composition and Plasma Parameters of Holstein Dairy Cows Animals doi: 10.3390/ani12151898 Authors: Guoxin Huang Jie Wang Kaizhen Liu Fengen Wang Nan Zheng Shengguo Zhao Xueyin Qu Jing Yu Yangdong Zhang Jiaqi Wang The objective of this study was to determine the effect of whole flaxseed and ground flaxsee...


Chinese Visceral Adiposity Index Is More Closely Associated With Hypertension and Prehypertension Than Traditional Adiposity Indices in Chinese Population: Results From the REACTION Study.

Binqi Li, Yiming Mu et 13 al.

Jun 30, 2022 in Frontiers in endocrinology
The optimal adiposity index that is strongly associated with hypertension or prehypertension remains inconclusive in Chinese population. This study aimed to investigate the relationship between Chinese visceral adiposity index (CVAI) and hypertension and prehypertension, as well as to compare the discriminative power of CVAI, visceral adiposity index (VAI), body mass index (BMI), waist circumferen...

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