Fiona Victoria Stanley Jothiraj

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Time Series Prediction for Food sustainability

Fiona Victoria Stanley Jothiraj

Sep 14, 2022 in Arxiv
With exponential growth in the human population, it is vital to conserve natural resources without compromising on producing enough food to feed everyone. Doing so can improve people's livelihoods, health, and ecosystems for the present and future generations. Sustainable development, a paradigm of the United Nations, is rooted in food, crop, livestock, forest, population, and even the emission of...

Personalized Emotion Detection using IoT and Machine Learning

Fiona Victoria Stanley Jothiraj, Afra Mashhadi

Sep 14, 2022 in Arxiv
The Medical Internet of Things, a recent technological advancement in medicine, is incredibly helpful in providing real-time monitoring of health metrics. This paper presents a non-invasive IoT system that tracks patients' emotions, especially those with autism spectrum disorder. With a few affordable sensors and cloud computing services, the individual's heart rates are monitored and analyzed to ...

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