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How do single-family homeowners value residential and commercial density? It depends.

Arthur Acolin et 3 al.

Dec 7, 2021 in Land use policy
This paper develops estimates of the relationship between local density and single-family home values across five United States metropolitan areas using 2017 transactions in Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Seattle. Proposals to build new commercial and residential development projects that would increase local density commonly face opposition from local homeowners. Academic litera...

Measuring the housing sector’s contribution to GDP in emerging market countries

Arthur Acolin et 3 al.

Aug 16, 2021 in International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis

Lending Competition, Regulation and Non‐Traditional Mortgages

Arthur Acolin et 3 al.

Nov 10, 2021 in Real Estate Economics
We examine the factors that determine the likelihood of borrowers using non‐traditional mortgages (NTMs) prior to the Great Recession. Borrower choice depends on borrower characteristics such as income, levels of asset holdings, credit score and age and on market factors such as house price appreciation as shown in the literature. We add to the literature by showing that lending competition was s...

First-Time Homebuyers: Toward a New Measure

Arthur Acolin et 4 al.

Jan 1, 2017 in Comparative Political Economy
Existing data sources show divergent estimates of the number of homes purchased by first-time homebuyers as a share of all home purchases. In this paper, we use a new data set to construct a time series of the share of first-time homebuyers. This series, based on the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Equifax Consumer Credit Panel (CCP), shows a significant decline in this share, particularly for yo...

Housing Wealth and Consumption Over the 2001–2013 Period: The Role of the Collateral Channel

Arthur Acolin

Jan 1, 2020 in Journal of Housing Research
This study estimates changes in the relationship between housing wealth and consumption among homeowners during the recent housing boom and bust in the United States, focusing on the period 2001-20...

Owning vs. Renting: The benefits of staying put?

Arthur Acolin

Jan 1, 2019
This article analyses how differences in outcomes between owner and renter households vary across countries based on institutional features such as rental lease lengths. A substantial literature is devoted to identifying benefits associated with owning relative to renting (including in terms of civic participation, income, children educational outcomes, health) and the mechanisms driving these dif...

Spatial spillover effects of crime on private investment at nearby micro places

Arthur Acolin et 5 al.

Aug 11, 2021 in Urban Studies
Urban Studies, Ahead of Print. Criminal activity may influence the decisions of existing property owners or prospective investors to invest in a property, given the potential elevated expenses and increased uncertainty that often accompany crime. This study investigates the relationship between crime and private investment at nearby micro places using location specific crime incident and building ...

Transitioning to Homeownership: Asset Building for Low and Moderate Income Households

Arthur Acolin, Ruoniu Wang et 4 al.

Aug 9, 2021 in Housing Policy Debate

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